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Baking Soda and Epsom Salt Bath

Spa-worthy Detox Bath!


Stressed? Not feeling well? Congested? Need a detox or soak? Then I have a bath for you! It’s more than just an ordinary bath. This bath will send toxins running to the hill.

Last year colds were going around the office around Christmas time and were spreading like wildfire. My cube-mate knew how much I was into ginger tea and baths. She printed out a recipe for a detox bath with ginger, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda! When I got out my face was as red as a tomato and I just sweated and sweated and sweated some more! Since then I’ve added my favorite ingredients and have created an incredible bath. If you are up for it, wrap yourself up when you get out and sweat it out. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink LOTS of water! This is not for everyone. It may leave you feeling wiped out.

It’s important to keep our bodies cleansed from toxins and free from stress. Leave your worries at the door, light a candle if you’d like and step into your spa room. The first time I took this bath, I could hardly put my feet in they were so hot and full of toxins. Now, they still get very hot but it’s more tolerable. Just take it slow, listen to your body, take some deep breaths and relax and unwind.

Here are some benefits for fun!

Ginger can help relieve cold and flu symptoms, control body oder and drive toxins out of the body. It also helps aid in muscle spasm relief or other aches and pains such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The main benefit I find in adding ginger to the bath is how it induces sweating, expelling harmful toxins stored up in the body. To this day I am still shocked at how much I sweat after a detox bath! If you want to learn more, click here.

Hydrogen Peroxide in the bath can help pull out residues left by soap and destroy harmful toxins and organisms. Information found here.

Baking Soda & Epsom Salt helps pull out toxins including radiation and has an alkalizing effect on the body. After soaking your body will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Your skin soft and supple! Read more here. Baking soda can also be used as a face-wash or to scrub your body leaving your skin incredibly soft. I use it almost daily as a face-wash, I threw out my expensive stuff!

Tea Tree Oil helps with skin irritations, rashes and even reduce inflammation and itching associated with psoriasis and other bacterial skin infections. Some say it can help with bladder infections and can even help women with yeast infections. It helps relieve tension, reduce inflammation, remove toxins and may help purify the body. Read more here. I always keep some handy.

Jajoba Oil is great on dry skin! I use it ALL the time. I use it as a face moisturizer and for my scalp! I pour some in our baths to leave our skin baby soft afterwards.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps stimulate circulation and detox the liver. It can also be used to fight fungi, bacteria and candida! Adding apple cider to your both helps draw out toxins from the skin, helping with acne, eczema, candida, and other skin ailments. Read more here.

Mint Leaves help with inflammation and can help relieve tired and sore muscles. Mint also works as a great detoxifier removing harmful chemicals. The scent and the warmth from the bath can really help open your sinuses and aid in de-congestion. Mint can also aid in rejuvenating your spirit leaving you happier than before. Read more here and give it try!

When you add all this together you get a powerful detox bath that is not for the faint of heart! Tread lightly….


  • Begin running warm water at preferred temperature
  • Add approximately 1/2 cup + packed minced ginger. I put mine in the food processor and squeeze the ginger as I put in the water, then put my hand under running water to rinse off.
  • Add 1 cup + Baking soda
  • Add 1-2 cups Epsom Salt
  • Add a drizzle of jajoba oil
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil
  • Add a 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • Add 2 tbsp minced mint

I just add a dash of this and a pour of that, feel it out and you’ll come to the perfect mix for you! Maybe you only want to try ginger to begin and work your way up to this super potent mixture! I just thought why not combine all of my favorites into one good soak?

Enjoy with a cup of ginger tea while you’re at it cleanse from the inside out as well. I take 1-2 tbsp of fresh ginger chopped finely, a touch of dried mint, a drop of stevia and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Feel free to add agave to coat your throat if needed.

I also made a homemade body scrub, I’ll share that in a future spa series!

Detox Bath Ingred